The class of 2003 will go down as one of the best in NBA history. That draft featured legends of the game such as LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh; as well as multiple top-notch role players.

Three of those stars aforementioned shared the court for years in the Miami Heat. Bosh, Wade, and James put together one of the most overpowered Big 3s in the history of the game, reaching 4 straight NBA Finals and winning a couple of rings.

Wade and LeBron built a strong relationship on and off the court, up to the point where Wade even followed him to the Cleveland Cavaliers later in his career. That's why most people would argue that The Flash would definitely choose LeBron as his best teammate ever and vice versa.

Dwyane Wade Says Udonis Haslem, Not LeBron James, Is His Best Teammate Ever

Then again, that's just not how Wade feels, as he recently said during an interview with I AM ATHLETE that his favorite teammate will always be Miami Heat legend Udonis Haslem and not The King:

“That’s a tough question right there because your favorite teammate is not normally the names that people know so it’s not normally the star players right everybody wants me to say LeBron. We came in together but whenever I was in the club, whenever I was out anywhere in Miami, whenever I was on the court, UD (Udonis Haslem) have my back. We started building a brotherhood. So obviously we got closer, and we won championships together you know I mean we did all that but like off the court I ain’t never had to worry about nothing in Miami because it’s like ‘yo UD got me’," Wade confessed.

That makes sense. From a basketball standpoint, Haslem was never more than a borderline starter. He was a bruiser and a rebounder and was only there to take a couple of shots and set screens.

Then again, Haslem has become one of the most respected and beloved people in franchise history due to his work ethic, personality, and leadership in the locker room. He'll never be as talented as LeBron, but he'll always be Wade's number one.