The Miami Heat have been dominating the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics. Jimmy Butler has been spectacular as the leader of a No.8 seed really close of pulling a major upset. They have a 3-1 advantage.

However, when the Celtics won 116-99 on the road, the tide suddenly turned for many experts. That blowout at Miami has put Boston as en eight-point favorite prior to Game 5 at The Garden.

Of course, Erik Spoelstra took notice of that and had an incredible answers for all those who doubt in the NBA. Read here to find out his reaction prior to a new chapter against the Boston Celtics.

Erik Spoelstra sends warning to Boston Celtics

Just hours before Game 5 at Boston, Erik Spoelstra faced the media and one of the first questions was if he already knew that the Miami Heat were considered almost double-digit underdogs.

“We don’t give a s**t. We’re trying to compete. It’s a great opportunity and our guys love this kind of challenges. They love to compete. They love the playoffs and love playing in an environment like this.”

Spoelstra acknowledge his players don’t put much attention to the rumors of a possible 0-3 comeback by the Celtics. It will be the first time of a feat like that in NBA history. “This is what it’s about. It’s not about getting ahead of it. You wanna be present for the competitive nature of what we can expect tonight. That’s how are guys are wired.”