The start of the NBA season has been a bit of a reality check for the New York Knicks. Are they really as good as they were last season? Or are they the same team that couldn't compete with the Atlanta Hawks in the playoffs?

For now, the latter seems like a more accurate statement. And, even though Kemba Walker's addition seemed great on paper, the former Hornets star was far from his usual self and isn't even a part of the rotation anymore.

Nonetheless, that shouldn't have come as a surprise, considering he's competing with minutes with Tom Thibodeau's favorite guy: Derrick Rose. At least, that's what former Wizards star Gilbert Arenas thinks.

Knicks News: Gilbert Arenas Says Kemba Walker Should've Seen This Coming

(Transcript via Fadeaway World)

"You look at his stats and it's not benchworthy. You're paying him and you're playing him 22 minutes. I'm pretty sure he's frustrated, I'm pretty sure he's letting you know that he's frustrated and that's what you're benching him for.

As Kemba, you should have seen it coming. You got Derrick Rose over there, coming off the bench. That's Thibs guy. He done proven to Thibs that he's a warrior. He knows how Thibs wants to play. He's done shown what he can do that. You can say he's back.

You guys are competing on who's going to finish the game in the 4th quarter. The coach is gonna go with the guy that has proven to him over and over, he's gonna play Derrick Rose over you in the last 5 minutes of that game..."

Arenas has a valid point right there. But, even though he's got the worst plus-minus on the roster right now, he's on a team-friendly deal and is more than capable of scoring 15+ PPG any given night, so we expect multiple teams to try and make a run at him.