Not so long ago, John Wall was considered one of the most impactful point guards in the NBA. He was fast, strong, athletic, and perhaps the best playmaker in Washington Wizards history. But those days seem far behind him.

Wall suffered back-to-back big injuries and wasn't even able to play for two full years. That would take a toll on any player, especially in those who rely on their explosiveness and athleticism.

Now, unsurprisingly, he's not a part of the Houston Rockets' plans going forward, and he has no interest whatsoever in playing for a rebuilding team either. That's why he's likely to be moved rather sooner than later.

John Wall, Rockets Agree To Part Ways

"With John Wall and the Houston Rockets looking to part ways in the near future, the franchise’s rebuild just added another intriguing layer ahead of the 2021-22 season," reported Kelly Iko of The Athletic.

"On draft night, when the organization selected an unprecedented four rookies — headlined by No. 2 overall pick Jalen Green — the team’s direction was clear, if it wasn’t clear enough already. Houston was going younger. The presence of Wall, his age/timeline and his enormous contract — $91.7 million remaining over two years — became the elephant in the room," the report added.

John Wall Has Made Nearly $2 Million Per Game Played Since 2019

Moving Wall's deal will be very tough for the Rockets. His durability is a huge question mark, as he's earned nearly $2 million per game played since signing his massive contract extension, making just 40 out of 142 possible appearances:

"John Wall's 4-year, $171M max extension started with the 2019-20 season. His games played:

  • 19-20 - 0 of 72
  • 20-21 - 40 of 72

He's unlikely to play the 21-22 season without a trade. That would mean he'll have played in 40 games out of 226. That's 17.7% of possible games played," reported Keith Smith.

In reality, most people don't think that Wall will ever go back to his former self, and no one wants to pay 90+ million for a player that's often hurt and past his prime. The Rockets will have to find the way to sweeten this deal, but trading away first-round picks when you're rebuilding doesn't sound like a good plan either.



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