Kawhi Leonard is one of the best two-way players inNBA history. He proved it by leading the Toronto Raptors to their only NBA Championship in just one season in the North, and he's been a perennial MVP and DPOY candidate for years.

Then again, it seems like he's always got an agenda. He's toyed with his former teams in the past, gives little-to-no information on his thought process, and is always looking to get things to go his way.

That's why former player turned analyst Kendrick Perkins thinks it's time people finally start holding Leonard accountable for his actions and for the way the Los Angeles Clippers haven't been able to take a step forward since he got there.

Kendrick Perkins Destroys Kawhi Leonard

“There’s an old saying that goes around the country of America. Kawhi Leonard is a guy that throws stones and hides his hand… We have been letting him off the hook for too long and he’s the guy that flies under the radar and has been doing sneaky stuff… just because he’s Kawhi, we don’t address it," Perkins started.

Then, the former NBA Champion addressed the recent story of Leonard using Russell Westbrook's desire to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder to actually force a trade for... Paul George, betraying his friend's trust:

 “We’re looking at this situation with him and Russell Westbrook. This is supposed to be a homie, this is a confidential conversation. You don’t use this information or ignore this brother’s call to lure Paul George to come to the Clippers.” 

Perkins then said that Leonard gets none of the blame for the Clippers' meltdown in the playoffs two years ago and that Paul George gets all the hate. Then, when he got hurt this season, he was nowhere to be found when his teammates needed him:

"When you get to firing Doc Rivers, everyone wants to point the finger on PG… but Kawhi Leonard was right there. (...) Kawhi Leonard gets hurt, he goes down… most guys… they’re in trenches with guys, giving pep talk, how you’re helping the young guys like Terence Mann? Let LeBron James do some stuff like that and watch out people going to media and kill him.”

Well, Perkins isn't exactly the one to mince his words but I'd have to say that I agree 100% with him. Leonard is always held to a different standard, yet he's done plenty of things that would grant LeBron or any other player tons of slander.