It's not a secret that  Kevin Durant doesn't take criticism lightly. Despite being one of the greatest scorers - and players - to ever make it to the NBA, he's also one of the softest people you could come across on social media.

Durant has become infamous around the league for admittedly using multiple 'burner' accounts to defend himself from his haters, and he was even caught calling out his former teammates from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Now, it's not unusual to see him firing back at unknown people on Twitter for having this childish attitude, as well as calling out former teammates, coaches, and colleagues when they refuse to vow at him.

Michael Rapaport Exposes Homophobic DMs From Kevin Durant

That's why it didn't strike as a surprise to see him going at Michael Rapoport on Instagram, threatening to spit on his face and calling him out multiple slurs after the actor reached out to him on a not-so-friendly way:

"As most of you know, I receive threats and disgusting messages DAILY, but never in my wildest dreams did I think @easymoneysniper would be among them. The snake himself is now threatening me, bringing up my wife and wants to fight. This is supposed to be America’s sweetheart right? KD didn’t get “hacked” either. Hold this L champ #ImDaRealMVP #igotastorytotell," Rapaport captioned the post.

To be fair, Rapoport has also been involved in multiple scandals like this, as he's quite outspoken and disrespectul. Also, it seems like he deleted some of his messages before posting those screenshots.

Then again, this is exactly the reason why some people still don't - and will never - respect Kevin Durant. I mean, just be the bigger man and take the high road, why do you always feel the need to clap back at everybody, even strangers or teenagers on social media?

You're one of the greatest players ever, have a Hall-of-Famer résumé, multiple rings, and countless millions on your bank account. Do you still need everybody's validation? That's only staining an otherwise flawless legacy.