It's safe to say that Kyle Kuzma's tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers was full of ups and downs. When he first entered the NBA, some deemed him the biggest steal of the draft. A couple of years later, some fans were desperate for him to leave the team.

That's Kuzma. He's bold, he's got a big mouth, and he'll die by his word even if no one else in the room seems to agree with him. For better or worse, that personality and confidence have made him a name around the league.

Now, he's ready to take the next step in his career, this time with the Washington Wizards. And, while it may seem like a step back in terms of competitiveness, perhaps that's just what he needed to take his game to a new level.

Kyle Kuzma Breaks Down Playing With Bradley Beal, LeBron James, And Anthony Davis

In fact, the former Los Angeles Lakers forward seems to be pretty excited about having the chance to play next to Bradley Beal, who he recently compared to his former teammate LeBron James:

“Obviously when you’ve got a guy that scores 30 points every night, from the outside looking in, you’re thinking he’s not really a willing passer,” Kuzma said, as quoted by NBC Sports Washington. “He makes the right play and that’s really important for winning basketball.

“I see it all the time, especially playing with LeBron and AD,” Kuzma said. “If they wanted to they could come down the court and score every single time if they wanted to. But understanding your teammates and whatever the right play is in front of you, that’s the most important thing. And he does that.”

Obviously, there's level to everything, but Beal is also a superstar in this league and Kuzma knows how to deal with those kinds of players. Hopefully, he'll finally step forward and silence his doubters once and for all.