The NBA is full of surprises every day but perhaps the most shocking thing we saw over the past couple of weeks happened last night. The overpowered, first-placed Brooklyn Nets fell at home to the undermanned Los Angeles Lakers, and they never truly stood a chance.

The Nets were missing James Harden but had Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Blake Griffin besides the rest of their core. For the purple-and-gold, Kyle Kuzma, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis couldn't suit up due to injury.

Clearly, the home team had a huge edge over the struggling Lakers but they never had an answer for recently-acquired Andre Drummond, who torched them in the paint for 20 points and 11 rebounds in just 22 minutes.

The Lakers wound up taking home an impressive 126-101 win, boasting once again their suffocating defense, while the overpowered Nets couldn't do much to crack their puzzle. They were so frustrated that even Kyrie Irving was ejected after going at it with Dennis Schroder.

Kyle Kuzma Mocks The Nets On Twitter With Hilarious LeBron James Meme

And if losing by 25 at home to a team without their top-3 scorers wasn't humiliating enough, Kyle Kuzma still had an ace up his sleeve, and it didn't take long for him to take to social media right after the game.

Kuzma posted one of the most popular and hilarious memes of the NBA community, featuring LeBron James holding a couple of cigarettes. He didn't even need to caption the meme, we all knew what it stood for.

For those who lack the context, that meme pretty much memes that, regardless of the adversity or how overpowered the rival is; LeBron James and his team will always find the way to beat them easily.

This is a huge shot at the Nets considering they're the frontrunners to make it to the NBA Finals out of the Eastern Conference, so last night's matchup could've been a preview of that playoff series if the Lakers also do their part in the West. Hopefully, should that happen, both teams will be at full strength.