The Los Angeles Lakers entered this season with high hopes and expectations. The narrative around the team was a quest to win back-to-back championships, especially after adding so many key pieces in the offseason.

But, as you may know by now, going back to back in the NBA is way easier said than done. The other teams get better in free agency and via trades, the coaches know how to make adjustments, and even luck can take a toll on your championship aspirations.

That's what's happening to the Lakers right now, as it seems like they just can't catch a break and could even wound up outside of the playoff picture now that they'll be forced to play without both LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Davis was already out indefinitely with injuries on his calf and Achilles and now, LeBron will also be on the shelf without a timetable after hurting his ankle during his team's loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

Lakers Coach Frank Vogel Confirms LeBron James' Injury

LeBron's injury was reported as a high right ankle sprain which could take up to eight weeks to be fully healed. And when asked about the situation, coach Frank Vogel sadly confirmed the news:

"Out indefinitely. High ankle sprain. Sorry to be boring," Vogel told the media, as quoted by Ryan Ward.

via Ryan Ward

Now, the Los Angeles Lakers will be without their top two players and will also have the sixth tougher schedule in the league. Moreover, the playoff race in the West is wild right now and they're just a couple of games above the rest of the pack.

The Lakers are at serious risk of sliding all the way from a top-3 seed to a play-in tournament scenario but hopefully, both James and Davis will be back right before the playoffs to try and make another championship run.