Ever since he made it to the NBA as the first overall pick of the 2003 Draft, LeBron James has been a subject of controversy. Either you love him or you have him, there's no in-between when it comes to him.

James has established himself as one of the greatest players to ever do it. His durability, efficiency, and ability to turn back the clock year after year leaves people in awe, and so does his résumé.

Then again, people are passionate about him for good and for bad, especially since he joined the Los Angeles Lakers. That's why it's not a surprise to see him leading the list of the most hated NBA players in America, according to The Washington Times.

Study Reveals LeBron James Is The Most Hated NBA Player In America

"The Sports Insider map reflected over 70,000 tweets, hashtags, and direct keyword phrases about disliking NBA players in each state—phrases like “I hate Player X” or “Player Y sucks.” According to that map, Mr. James was most hated in 24 states with only ex-teammate-turned-foil Kyrie Irving even coming close—the least-liked in 18 states," read the report.

via HoopsHype

James' involvement in politics, open dislike for former President Donald Trump, and his silence regarding the China controversy with the NBA put him on a lot of people's black lists, so this doesn't come as a surprise.

LeBron is the most hated player in 24 states of the country, following by Kyrie Irving (18), Kevin Durant (3), James Harden (3), Paul George (1), and Russell Westbrook (1), according to this study.

James has been around the league for 18 years and is now 36 years old so, as great as he is, he's not likely to be around for long. Hopefully, his haters will finally appreciate his greatness on the court before it's too late.