All good things eventually come to an end and LeBron James' career isn't the exception to that rule. James has already accomplished everything in the NBA and the basketball world, but the Los Angeles Lakers were hoping to have him on the court for many, many more years.

That's why it was such a bummer to see him struggle to walk out of the court six weeks ago when he suffered a high-ankle injury, and why the alarms are sounding at the STAPLES Center now that he's resented from that ailment.

The playoffs are just around the corner and the Lakers' best player isn't ready to be on the court, and you know they just don't stand a chance against the Los Angeles Clippers without him.

LeBron James Says His Injury Has Been Horrible And Stressful

LeBron recently opened up on how tough it's been for him over the past six weeks or so, claiming that it's been the most stressful time he's had to endure throughout his 18-year career:

“It was horrible, honestly, for me. I was more stressful than I’ve ever been. I would say the first couple weeks were pretty good, cause I didn’t travel much as the injury and the swelling was happening… I was able to stay home and be with my family, so that was very rewarding. But as far as watching the games and not being able to play and sitting on the bench and knowing that you can’t make much of a difference, it’s very stressful," James said.

James Says He'll Never Get Back To 100%

But perhaps the most worrying part of his statement was when he said that getting back to 100% was just impossible for him at this point in his career, possibly hinting that the end is coming:

"Getting back to 100 percent is impossible. I don't think I'll get back to 100 percent in my career," James said.

LeBron's contract will run through the 2022-23 season and he'll be 38 and 20 years into his NBA career when that happens. We hate to think about it, but the end of the James era is just around the corner.