For years, people have talked about how LeBron James was one of the most NBA-ready players in league history. And needless to say, they expect the very same thing from his elder son Bronny.

According to scouts, Bronny has his old man's playmaking and athleticism but is a much better shooter than LeBron was at that age, and he already has plenty of offers to play college hoops.

So, even if he's still a couple of years away from being eligible to enter the Association, people are already speculating whether Bronny will carry LeBron's torch in the league. If you ask his old man, there's no doubt that will happen.

LeBron James Wants To Play With Bronny In The NBA

"I want him to be in the NBA. I am not going to lie," LeBron told Uninterrupted. "I want to be on the court with him. I think that will be an unbelievable moment. He's about to be a junior so the years, it could get close, but we should see, but I want him to get to the NBA."

The King Urges Ohio To Change The Game-Clock

James is often spotted at Bronny's games and hanging out with his friends. Recently, he advocated for Ohio to adopt a 35-second shot clock after a high schooler reached out to local authorities:

"@OHSAASports our team @SIHSBasketball1 just got back from a tournament in California we played 4 games with a 35 second shot clock. They were all high level. Teams ran there sets, game pace was great & you never felt out of the game in the 4th quarter. It’s time to get them Ohio!" said the player.

“I ABSOLUTELY AGREE!! I played HS ball in Ohio and now my boys play ball in Cali,” claimed the Lakers star. “The pace of the game is simply better and actually enhances the kids minds! This CHANGE has to happen now in Ohio ASAP!” LeBron added.

James has always been engaged and interested in high school hoops and he was perhaps the all-time greatest sensation when he was at that stage. So yeah, his word should carry a lot of weight in this decision.