There's no doubt that Luka Doncic is a special talent. It didn't take him long to prove the rest of the NBA that he was the best player on his class and he's turned the Dallas Mavericks into a playoff team. He's been so good for the organization in so little time that even team owner Mark Cuban joked saying that he'd choose him over his wife.

Doncic has been drawing comparisons to former legends of the game since day one. Prior to making it to the league, he was Toni Kukoc 'at best'. Now, people compare him to Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and even LeBron James.

Honestly, Doncic's game has glimpses of all the aforementioned players but obviously, he's also got it's own touch, which is the way he controls the pace and dictates the rhythm of the offense even though he's not fast.

The sky seems to be the limit for Doncic after his sophomore season. And, according to Mark Cuban, whether he'll be good or great in the NBA will depend on how much he improves his three-point shooting going forward.

Mark Cuban Compares Luka Doncic To LeBron James

Cuban went on record on a podcast saying that Doncic still has got a lot to learn, especially as a shooter, but stated that he's got a pretty similar court vision and basketball IQ to LeBron James, as well as the ability to facilitate for others despite being 6'7'':

"LeBron has got the best Basketball IQ in the game, top three IQ in the game. Luka has got the ability at 6’7” to see over players and make those passes and then he’s 230-235. He’s a linebacker and he can get the places on court that give him a passing lane and even if he gets doubled or pressured and there’s contact, he can still make plays whether it’s passing or scoring," Cuban said.

Mark may have a point here. Needless to say, Doncic isn't nearly half of the athlete LeBron James is. LeBron is faster, stronger, and way more athletic. However, Luka's got that kind of court vision, basketball IQ, and ability to create for others, either in the halfcourt, the post, or the pick-and-roll. Then again, let's just the kid play and stop comparing him. He's not 'The Next XXX Player', he's Luka, and he's great.