Luka Doncic heads into the 2021 NBA season after signing a historic contract extension to stay with the Dallas Mavericks for a long time. In times of multiple changes for the franchise, at least they secured their most valuable player for the years to come.

After two straight seasons being called up to the All-NBA team, Doncic wants to take his game to the next level and help the Mavs to become a stronger team in the playoffs, although newly-appointed head coach Jason Kidd said he can't do it on his own.

The franchise has taken care of improving the roster during the offseason, despite their failed attempt to land a big-name player during the free agency. Besides, they changed the general manager and head coach, hiring Kidd to replace Rick Carlisle.

Luka Doncic reveals his expectations for the season and praises Kidd

The Slovenian star, who had a fantastic Olympic campaign, went back home for the rebuild of his childhood courts with the help of the 2K Foundation. During the unveiling, he addressed a number of topics in an interview with Spanish newspaper Marca.

When asked about the modifications in the organization, he said: "Well, we've done many changes, especially in the staff and the goal is still to fight for the championship. The truth is that I'm very excited for the season we're about to face."

Doncic has also opened up on Jason Kidd's arrival in Dallas and he showered the former NBA star in praise: "I think he is an excellent coach who also knows a lot about how to play basketball and how to coach a team. It's an excellent opportunity to grow and I think it will help me a lot."

Doncic on the Mavs' ring aspirations: "I believe that you can always fight"

It will be a challenging season for the Mavericks and especially for Kidd, whose previous coaching experiences weren't exactly successful. But Luka insists that he trusts his team can fight for the ring:

"As I say, that's my goal and I believe that you can always fight. We'll see how the season goes but in my opinion we can be there, fighting for everything. I don't know if we need one or two players or what exactly, we have to start playing and there we'll see what happens".

Besides having a potential NBA legend on their hands, the Dallas Mavericks have an ambitious player in Luka Doncic. Will his winning mentality be helped by Kidd's coaching and his teammates work on the court?

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