For decades, fans and analysts have debated who's the greatest player of all time. It happens in every single sport, and basketball clearly isn't the exception to that rule, especially given how many legends the NBA has seen.

Most of the time, the GOAT debate ends on two or three possible outcomes: It's either Michael Jordan, or LeBron James, or Kobe Bryant. Not many people will tell you that the greatest of all time is someone outside of those three.

Then again, every now and then, someone brings up one of the older legends of the game such as Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, or Bill Russell; citing their unmatched dominance in their time.

Metta World Peace Says Bill Russell, Not Michael Jordan, Is The GOAT

That seems to be the case with Ron Artest, A.K.A Metta World Peace, as he recently said on the Fierce Talk with Ryan Garcia podcast that Bill Russell is the undisputed GOAT because of all the rings he won:

“I think Bill Russell is (the GOAT), honestly. Bill Russell got 11 championships. I look at Michael as one of the greatest. But I think Bill Russell is the greatest. When you can win in your era. That’s what it’s about. Winning in your era. And nobody dominated like that. Not even Michael Jordan," the former champion said.

Nonetheless, Artest's words should be taken with a grain of salt, as he's gone back-and-forth in this subject multiple times. He's called Kobe, LeBron, and Jordan the GOAT more than once, so maybe he just can't make up his mind.

Bill Russell is the winningest player of all time and his 11 rings aren't likely to be matched. Ever. So even if he played during a softer era with mostly non-professional players, he still dominated as no one else did.