Diehard basketball fans know that the offseason begins tonight. Even if the NBA playoffs are at full steam, the NBA Draft Lottery is one of the most exciting times in the season, especially for non-playoff teams.

The 14 teams that failed to qualify to the postseason already got their lucky charms together. They know that tonight could make or break their franchise by giving them the chance to land the next superstar.

So, in the following paragraphs, we're going to let you know everything you need to know about the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery, including who's representing every team and the odds for all 14 teams involved.

NBA Draft Lottery: Who'll Represent Every Team?

Charlotte Hornets - Miles Bridges (Player)

Chicago Bulls - Marc Eversley (GM)

Cleveland Cavaliers - Koby Altman (GM)

Detroit Pistons - Ben Wallace (Former Player)

Golden State Warriors - Rick Wells (President & COO)

Houston Rockets - Hakeem Olajuwon (Former Player)

Indiana Pacers - Nancy Leonard (Former Executive & Widow To Coach Bobby 'Slick' Leonard)

Minnesota Timberwolves - Anthony Edwards (Player)

New Orleans Pelicans - Swin Cash (VP Of Basketball Operations & Team Development)

Oklahoma City Thunder - Nazr Mohammed (Former Player, Oklahoma City Blue GM & Scout)

Orlando Magic - Jeff Weltman (President Of Basketball Operations)

Sacramento Kings - Monte McNair (GM)

San Antonio Spurs - Peter G. Holt (Managing Partner)

Toronto Raptors - Fred VanVleet (Player)


NBA Draft Lottery: Odds For Every Team

Team Record Top 4 1st Pick
Houston Rockets 17-55 52.1% 14.0%
Detroit Pistons 20-52 52.1% 14.0%
Orlando Magic 21-51 52.1% 14.0%
Oklahoma City Thunder 22-50 45.1% 11.5%
Cleveland Cavaliers 22-50 45.1% 11.5%
Minnesota Timberwolves* 23-49 37.2% 9.0%
Toronto Raptors 27-45 31.9% 7.5%
Chicago Bulls** 31-41 20.3% 6.0%
Sacramento Kings 31-41


New Orleans Pelicans 31-41


Charlotte Hornets 33-39 8.5% 4.5%
San Antonio Spurs 33-39 8.0% 1.8%
Indiana Pacers 34-38 4.8% 1.7%
Golden State Warriors 39-33 2.4% 0.5%

* Minnesota's pick will go to Golden State unless it's a top-3 pick.

** Chicago's pick will go to Orlando unless it's a top-4 pick.