The Denver Nuggets couldn’t do anything to avoid the loss during the 2023 NBA Finals Game 2 against the Miami Heat, they lost that game by 108-111.

Game 1 was almost perfect for Nikola Jokic, he was lethal, fast and nobody stopped him and even though things were going to be similar during Game 2 they couldn’t stop the Miami Heat.

The good news for Jokic and the Nuggets is that the series is just beginning and there is still a long way to go, winning on the road should not be difficult for them.

What losing record did Jokic get into with Barkley, West and O’Neal?

After losing Game 2 against the Miami Heat by 108-111, Nikola Jokic became the fourth player in NBA Finals history to lose a game after scoring 41+ points and 11+ rebounds, a feat also accomplished by Barkley (1993), West (1969), and O’Neal (2001).

During Game 2 Jokic played 42 minutes being the only Denver Nuggets player with more playing time on the court, also he was the only player to score more than twenty points, only Jamar Murray was close with 18 points.

Miami Heat played better than in Game 1, but Jimmy Butler still hasn’t finished showing all his power in the Finals as he did against Boston Celtics.