NBA rookies are eager to adjust to the league as quickly as possible and are open to getting help from established players like Ja Morant, Dejounte Murray, and Miles Bridges.

However, Ja Morant is currently facing some challenges that may not make him the best role model for a rookie who is still learning the ropes. It is undeniable that he has a talent that any rookie would like to have.

Most top rookies become good players in a short amount of time, but they need advice from other established players to do so. Dejounte Murray and Miles Bridges are two examples of successful rookies who have received guidance from more experienced players.

Who is the rookie who is being mentored by three NBA players?

In a recent video, Emoni Bates, who was drafted in the 2023 NBA Draft, revealed that he has been taken under the wing of three players: Ja Morant, Dejounte Murray, and Miles Bridges. Bates said that they have been helping him adjust to his new life in the NBA.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted Bates with the 49th overall pick. He was the only player drafted by the Cavaliers in the 2023 NBA Draft. Bates was then signed to a two-way contract on July 7.