Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green made the rounds last week for a somewhat controversial take. He claimed that the 2017 Dubs were the greatest team in NBA history and that they'd beat Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls by at least 20 points.

Not only there's no point in debating something that's impossible to know, but that take rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. No disrespect to that historically-great 2017 team, but Jordan's Bulls won six titles in 8 years with two three-peats.

That's why even Warriors veteran Andre Iguodala had to chime in and share his thoughts. Per Iguodala, there's no way a Bulls team with Michael Jordan would've lost to anybody, 2017 Warriors included.

Andre Iguodala Disagrees With Draymond Green Over Warriors vs. Bulls Take

"I'm picking the Bulls, I'm not even arguing with you because any team with Michael Jordan on it, I'm picking except for 2012 vs. the '92 Dream Team. I'm not picking the '92 team, I'm picking us  (2012 USA Olympics team) even though the '92 team had MJ," Iguodala said on the Point Forward podcast.

"I think we are a more talented team, I just think they were a higher level IQ team. The way we shoot the ball is different though," Iguodala added. We shoot the ball very well, like very well."

"It will be interesting. I think that's one thing that's not viewed as much, we don't look deep into, is that they control the pace of the game. So yeah, the score was low but they were controlling the pace of the game," Andre explained. "They know how to limit your possessions, and the rules of the game have changed as well, so you can get more possessions in. We all say, once you get to the finals, that two-point shot becomes real important, and they be acting like it's not important."

Green's take was far from a surprise. He's not the one lacking confidence, and he's been talking a lot since winning that fourth NBA championship. But at the end of the day, it's all wishful thinking and hypotheticals.