For years, people overlooked and underestimated Stephen Curry. He doesn't look like the average NBA player or handle himself like a superstar, so some thought he was soft. Needless to say, that's far from the case.

Curry earned the 'Baby Faced Asssassin' nickname over time. He's one of those ruthless competitors who always plays with a chip on his shoulder and won't be satisfied until the rival is down and humiliated.

However, that doesn't mean he stops trusting his teammates or tries to hero-ball his way to the top. And that's why he believes he's somewhat similar to Giannis Antetokounmpo in that regard.

NBA News: Stephen Curry Explains Why He's Similar To Giannis Antetokounmpo

"From a leadership perspective, you want to keep the spotlight on all the right things throughout the year because there are so many conversations, distractions, and narratives that are cast on you," Curry said.

"You see comparisons of who's the better player on the court and all that type of stuff and everybody has a point of view," Steph added. "But as the leader of your team, one is an acknowledgment of, you know, you're a great player and you're coming out and doing your thing, you should be in a good position to win and be championship contenders. That doesn't happen without a great team behind you and I think he acknowledges that and understands what that means."

"Obviously, I do as well to level up my guys, but there's always that mutual respect of those guys who's last team standing, who's the last player who had that trophy, and knowing that's who you're going to have to knock off," Curry continued. "I've been in that position before and I loved it. The fact that he acknowledges that shows he has that killer instinct of what's going to motivate him this year. That's why you love this league."

Just like with Steph, people continue to sleep on the Greek Freak. But he's also gone to great lengths to silence his doubters and prove that he's one of the league's finest, and you better believe he'll do it again next season.