With the 2021 NBA season almost in the books, 28 out of 30 teams are already planning ahead to next season. Free agents, trades, the NBA Draft, and improving their roster is the only thing on their minds right now.

We know for a fact that multiple All-Stars will head towards new destinations this summer, either because they'll take a lesser role to play for a contender, or because they want a bigger paycheck.

Whatever is the case, we're going to see a lot of old faces in new places, as it usually happens. That's why today, we're going to talk about this year's top 10 free agents and their most likely destinations.

Top 10 NBA Free Agents And Their Most Likely Destination

Honorable Mentions: 

Norman Powell - Portland Trail Blazers

Evan Fournier - Boston Celtics

Kelly Oubre Jr - Portland Trail Blazers

10. Jarrett Allen - Cleveland Cavaliers

Jarrett Allen. (Getty)

Jarrett Allen was one of the centerpieces of the James Harden deal and for very good reasons. While not a flashy player, nor a huge offensive threat, he's one of the best rim protectors in the league already.

Allen is an athletic freak that can anchor a defense any given night, and the Cleveland Cavaliers know it. That's why they bought out Andre Drummond, and Allen fits their timeline, so there's no way they'll let him go.

9. Dennis Schroder - New York Knicks

Dennis Schroder. (Getty)

Dennis Schroder was coming off the best season of his career last year with the Oklahoma City Thunder but didn't live up to expectations with the Los Angeles Lakers. He made the news for the wrong reasons and is reportedly looking for a huge deal.

While the Lakers aren't willing to meet his steep demands, other teams craving playmaking could. The slim point guard market could force the New York Knicks to overpay for his services.

8. Victor Oladipo - Los Angeles Lakers

Victor Oladipo. (Getty)

Victor Oladipo is one of the most talented players in the league. There's no denying his ability to make an impact on both ends of the floor but he just can't stay healthy. That's why the max deal he's looking for is highly unlikely.

He's been on the Los Angeles Lakers' radar for quite some time now, so we'd expect him to sign a one or two-year deal on a veteran minimum for them to try and drive his value up and try his luck again next season.

7. John Collins - Atlanta Hawks

John Collins. (Getty)

John Collins is the second-best player on the Atlanta Hawks roster. There were some doubts about his fit and relationship with Trae Young but, after a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals, it's fair to say that's not the case.

Collins is due for a big payday and he's a restricted free agent, meaning the Hawks will have to match any offer for him. Keeping him around will be tricky and pricey and will most likely mean that other players will have to walk away. Then again, it's what they must do.

6. Lonzo Ball - Chicago Bulls

Lonzo Ball. (Getty)

Lonzo Ball is going to be one of the most sought-after players in the summer. His shooting form has improved drastically, his playmaking and defense are elite, and the only question remaining is whether he can stay healthy or not.

Arturas Karnisovas proved that he's not afraid to make bold moves, so we expect Lonzo to be at the top of the Chicago Bulls' wishlist for the summer, even if that means paying slightly more than they would like.

5. Mike Conley - Dallas Mavericks

Mike Conley. (Getty)

Mike Conley had a great bounce-back year with the Utah Jazz and they clearly needed him to get by in the playoffs. Sadly, he's not likely to come back as he pursues more money next season.

The Dallas Mavericks could add a veteran presence that can run an offense, take the ball off Luka Doncic's hands from time to time, and knock down some shots. So, we expect them to offer Conley big money on a short-term deal.

4. Kyle Lowry - Philadelphia 76ers

Kyle Lowry. (Getty)

Kyle Lowry was nearly traded in this season's deadline but the Toronto Raptors decided to hold on to him. Now, he can walk away for free or agree to a sign-and-trade to help the team that led him to his only NBA Championship.

The Lakers and Heat want Lowry but we expect the Philadelphia 76ers to come out on top of his sweepstakes. They desperately crave a point guard that can actually shoot and knock down some free throws.

3. DeMar DeRozan - Miami Heat

DeMar DeRozan. (Getty)

DeMar DeRozan has been good for the San Antonio Spurs but that hasn't translated into much success for him. That's why he'd like to play for a championship contender and take his talents back to the Eastern Conference.

The Miami Heat are reportedly going to be quite aggressive in their pursuit of another All-Star, and even though his fit next to Jimmy Butler could be kind of questionable, he'd be the easiest one to sign.

2. Chris Paul - Phoenix Suns

Chris Paul. (Getty)

Chris Paul is expected to opt out from the final year of his deal to pursue another 3-4 year contract. But if the Phoenix Suns win the ring this season, there's no doubt that he'll come back next year.

The New York Knicks were a potential destination for the Point God but we just don't see him walking away from a championship team and coach Monty Williams unless they lose in the Finals.

1. Kawhi Leonard - Los Angeles Clippers

Kawhi Leonard. (Getty)

Kawhi Leonard is expected to come back to the Los Angeles Clippers next season. There's a strong chance they would've made the NBA Finals this year if it wasn't for his injury so he'll want to run it back.

Then again, Leonard is one of the most unpredictable people around the NBA, so everything could change in the blink of an eye. But as of now, there's just no reason for him to walk away and change teams.