The Portland Trail Blazers are in one of the toughest positions among all NBA teams right now. They have a superstar in Damian Lillard but don't have enough pieces around him - nor cap space, draft capital, or a big market - to contend for a ring.

More often than not, that ends with the superstar either leaving in free agency or asking for a trade after years of failed stints in the playoffs. And it seems like Damian Lillard could be nearing that point.

And, with multiple teams keeping tabs on his situation and hoping that he requests a trade, the Philadelphia 76ers have emerged as a strong suitor for his services, according to Derek Bodner of The Athletic.

Sixers Are Keen To Trade For Damian Lillard

"Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey has always been steadfast in his pursuit of superstars, with his team-building philosophy being the epitome of “star hunting” long before the phrase was ever translated to Bostralian," Bodner said. "From the very start of Morey’s tenure in Philadelphia the organization was almost singularly focused on monitoring the James Harden situation in Houston, according to sources both inside and out of the organization. Since the Sixers’ season ended the team has similarly kept a watchful eye on the status of Lillard in Portland. From the Sixers’ perspective, it would be fair to say the goal is less to trade Ben Simmons and more to acquire Damian Lillard."

“With two major contenders off the board (Knicks and Heat), and with Lillard’s eventual dissatisfaction with the Blazers’ chances entirely predictable, the Sixers’ position to land Lillard has grown stronger. And considerably so," concluded the report.

Daryl Morey has never hesitated to pull the trigger and make big deals if needed. He's an aggressive executive and will give away as many assets as he needs to get a deal done, so this shouldn't come as a surprise.


And, while Lillard has said that he hasn't requested a trade, he also said that he's undecided about his future. So this is definitely a story to follow closely throughout the course of the upcoming season.