The Brooklyn Nets flew too close to the sun. They assumed that signing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would put them over the top, but things couldn't have gone worse since bringing in the couple of All-Stars.

Durant and Irving have had the organization in a chokehold since day one. They've called the shots, made demands, sat out more times than they've played, created tons of drama, and have absolutely nothing to show for after three years. 

There's not one single positive thing one could say about the KD-Kyrie era in Brooklyn. And if all the negative PR and embarrassment on the court weren't enough, now they want to keep making decisions for the front office.

NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving 'Hates' Steve Nash, Wants Him Fired

"Kevin Durant doesn’t seem to be the only Nets player not enamored with the leadership stylings of GM Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash," reported Michael Binn of The New York Post. "A source close to the Nets organization indicated Kyrie Irving is none too pleased with the pair, either."

"'Kyrie Irving hates these guys,' the source told The Post’s Josh Kosman. 'He feels that Nash is terrible and Marks is bad.' On Monday, The Post confirmed The Athletic’s report that Durant told Tsai that the Nets head honcho had to choose between the 12-time All-Star or his coach and GM. The face-to-face meeting in London came after Durant requested a trade out of Brooklyn a year after signing a four-year, $198 million contract extension," the report added.

So, let's go back for a second. Kyrie and KD handpicked Steve Nash — who had zero coaching experience — to replace Kenny Atkinson — who led a young team to the playoffs and had their respect — and now they also want him out. Also, they're trying to get the guy who hired them fired.

Yes, the player who collected a massive check to sit out a whole year with an injury, and the guy who didn't show up to practice to party on his birthday and then missed half a season over a vaccine protest want their coach fired. The same guys who pushed the team to trade for James Harden and then drove Harden away.

In all honesty, one can't help but feel sorry for the Nets. They did everything they could to make things work, but there's just no way of pleasing these two and their egos, even though they've constantly failed to hold their part of the deal.