When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook last year, they were hoping he would be the missing piece to get back to glory days. With him on board, the Purple and Gold thought he would form a mighty 'Big 3' with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

But it turned out to be a huge failure. Brodie struggled to perform for most of the season, especially when he shared the floor with The King, and the Lakers failed to make the postseason, finishing 11th in the West.

Fans seem to had enough of him, while Westbrook doesn't seem to be completely happy in LA either. Will the Lakers find him a new home this summer? It doesn't look like an easy task, but it seems that they already have a trade offer on the table.

NBA Trade Rumors: Russell Westbrook has already attracted interest from one team

While many believe it will be hard for the Lakers to find a trade partner, Keith Smith of Spotrac suggests that the Rockets' offer still stands and it's up to Rob Pelinka to approve the deal and send Westbrook back to Houston.

"There’s considerable reporting that Pelinka has a standing offer to send Westbrook to the Houston Rockets for John Wall’s nearly-matching contract," Smith wrote. "The catch? LA will have to surrender one of the two tradable first round picks (in 2026, 2027 or 2028) they have left. The real question: Can the Lakers do better in a trade?"

The Rockets have already tried to trade for Westbrook before the February deadline, but the Lakers turned them down. Still, many things have happened since then, so it would make sense to wonder whether they'll change their mind this time.