The Brooklyn Nets never intended to trade Kevin Durant or fire Steve Nash. They won the battle, but now they'll have to brace themselves for a season-long war, and things could go south pretty fast if they don't hit the ground running.

They've done a great job of fixing the few flaws of their roster ahead of this season. Also, getting Ben Simmons back on the court is a major win for Nash's team, even if he missed a full season of basketball.

With that in mind, an unnamed Eastern Conference executive told Thomas Darro of that the Nets could still look to make more moves and that they'd be willing to part ways with either Seth Curry or Joe Harris.

NBA Rumors: Nets Could Look To Trade Seth Curry Or Joe Harris

“One of them [Curry or Harris] will get dealt before the deadline, that would be my guess," the executive told Darro. "Both are really good shooters, obviously, that is their skill. But both are bad defenders who will be targeted in the playoffs. Obviously, finding a new home for either guy has not been the priority for them this summer, so, no, they have not really had talks about a deal for either guy, so far.

But I suspect they’ll want to come out and see how healthy Harris is, see if he is back to his old form, then they may start to figure out what they can get for him vs. what they can get for Curry," Harris has more value if he can show he is healthy — he is not as poor a defender as Curry. If they’re going to try to make a deep playoff run, Harris is more likely the one they’d keep,” the executive added.

Even though they're both under lucrative contracts, both Harris, or Curry could fetch some nice return in the trade market. They're two of the best sharpshooters in the league, and that's a valuable trait in the postseason, so it seems like the Nets are far from done making moves.