The Golden State Warriors would never be as good if it weren't for Draymond Green. Steve Kerr held on to him over the often-injured David Lee, and his defensive versatility and playmaking helped the Splash Brothers do their thing.

But the NBA is a ruthless business, and no player is above an organization. Green's offensive regression has been a subject of controversies, and there's always been the feel like he'd be the first one to go if the championship core were to break up.

That might as well happen sooner than expected, as Green intends to sign a max contract extension this summer. So, with the Warriors not interested in doing that quite now, there's always the possibility he demands a trade. If that happens, these are the teams to look out for.

NBA Rumors: 3 Trade Destinations For Draymond Green

3. Atlanta Hawks

Personally, I wouldn't make this trade, but the Atlanta Hawks have been looking to move John Collins for quite some time now. Collins isn't a great shooter by any means, but he provides better spacing next to Clint Capela and/or Onyeka Okongwu.

Adding Green would give them another elite defender next to Dejounte Murray, albeit hurting their offense. But the Hawks have been in the market for a versatile defender who can put the ball on the floor, and Green checks all those boxes.

2. Chicago Bulls

When healthy, the Chicago Bulls were the best team in the Eastern Conference last season. And while DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine deserve a lot of credit for that, their defense is what made them stand out in the first half of the campaign.

The Bulls will get Alex Caruso back, but Lonzo Ball is injury-prone, so trading for another defensive anchor would make sense. They need someone who can defend both forward spots, and Green could even be their small-ball center.

1. Miami Heat

Draymond Green and Jimmy Butler in the same locker room? That either equals an NBA championship, or they kill each other by the end of training camp. But Green personifies everything Pat Riley has tried to build: The so-called 'Heat Culture.'

The Miami Heat lost P.J. Tucker and could use an upgrade at the power forward position. Green would give them another creator and switchable defender. He could be the guy that could finally lead them over the hump.