We don't and never will condone any sort of violence. But not many people would be able to just move on after being sucker-punched by a teammate, let alone not fight back. That's why Draymond Green's altercation with Jordan Poole is a major concern for the Golden State Warriors.

Green has already apologized and claimed that he hurt him because he was also hurt. He's made dozens of million, has won four rings, is a grown man, and was supposed to be a leader, yet he let his emotions get the best of him... again.

So, unsurprisingly, Poole isn't exactly touched or moved by his apology or little speech. He's not on speaking terms with Green just yet, and let's be honest, he may never be, and that would be completely reasonable.

NBA News: Poole Hasn't Forgiven Green For The Sucker-Punch

"I’ve had sources tell me that behind the scenes, Jordan Poole has not forgiven Draymond," reported Cyrus Satsaaz of Locked On Warriors. "They haven’t spoken. He’s not happy — I don’t know how you could be — It’s a horrible look: The image of it is awful, and it’s borderline emasculating."

Curry Is Tring To Work Things Out

That's why Stephen Curry — who hasn't always been a vocal leader — has stepped up to try and smooth things out. According to Steve Kerr, he's gone to great lengths to communicate and be sure everybody's on the same page before the start of the season.

“In the locker room, he’s a communicator," Kerr said. "He's a guy who's going to make sure everything's running smoothly. He's been hard at work these last four or five days trying to make sure things are going okay and people are healing and all that. So Steph, he’s our guy.”

Poole Could Sign A Deal In The Next Couple Of Days

Poole's deadline to sign a contract extension is zooming in, and this situation only forced the Warriors' hand to try and get a deal done ASAP. So, expect him to sign a lucrative deal any day now:

"Steve then went on to say 'This guy is gonna be a huge part of our future for years to come.' and basically said he was the most advanced of these young players that are considered the next era of the Warriors... I do expect a contract extension to happen in the next week," The Athletic reported.

Poole will play a pivotal role in the dynasty's future. He's their young, blossoming star, and they can't afford to lose him right now, even if that means letting go of a franchise cornerstone like Green.