The NBA is a worldwide known competition that has millions of fans not only in the US but all over the world. Many historic players were influential for such growth, like Michael Jordan in the most successful years with the Chicago Bulls, and the ones who followed him like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, among many others. 

Franchises became brands capable of being well-known no matter the country, and they also provided the basketball's elite level another factor of development. The organization's revenues increased with different sources of income.

Asides from TV broadcast rights contracts and the lucrative sponsorship deals, the NBA teams have also made a lot of profit from the sale of their jerseys. Anywhere, people can be seen wearing the jersey their favorite team or player, and basketball gear proved to be profitable. However, their prices may be too high sometimes, so here we'll take a look at four jerseys that can be bought for a fair price in the Fanatics Outlet online store.

Houston Rockets - Custom Jersey Red

Houston Rockets Nike Swingman Custom Jersey Red - Icon Edition (

Price: $ 65.99 (Originally $139.99)

The home jersey of the Houston Rockets had a huge reduction to its original price, as the Fanatics Outlet online store placed the jersey at a much affordable cost. You could customize it with the number and name of your favorite player as well. 

Draymond Green - Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green Golden State Warriors adidas Road Swingman climacool Jersey - Royal (

Price: $35.24 (Originally $109.99)

This one is the cheapest option on the list and probably one of the most interesting ones. Despite it's not a very recent version, the jersey doesn't seem old at all as Draymond Green still belongs to the Golden State Warriors. If you were looking for a jersey from a player in its current team, this one could suit you perfectly.

New York Knicks - 2019/20 City Edition

New York Knicks Nike 2019/20 Swingman Custom Jersey - City Edition - Navy (

Price: $71.99 (Originally $139.99)

Here, we are talking about a much higher price compared to the ones we've seen before. Still, this unique design may be worthy of its cost, and compared to the original price it's not a very expensive option. The Knicks have had many beautiful jerseys, but not all of them can be found as cheap as this one.

Golden State Warriors - 2018/19 Royal

Golden State Warriors Nike 2018/19 Royal - Icon Edition (

Price: $65.99 (Originally $139.99)

If you wanted to wear the Warriors' apparel but found the price tag too high, here you have a better option also in the Fanatics Outlet. This one is among the most popular in the store, and the reason it is quite obvious. It's not frequent to see popular team's jerseys with such a price reduction, but this one has it and it can also be customized with your favorite name and number.