Just like Michael Jordan needed Scottie Pippen, at some point in his career Kobe Bryant needed Pau Gasol. They made each other better and helped take the Los Angeles Lakers back to the top of the NBA.

But more than what they accomplished on the court, Pau and Kobe built a strong relationship off it. The Spaniard became another member of the Bryant family, a bond that they still carry to this day.

That’s why the former Grizzlies star was so heartbroken to find out about Kobe’s tragic passing a couple of years ago. Recently, he opened up on how hard it was for him to deal with that while shooting his upcoming documentary “It’s all about the journey.”

Pau Gasol Says It Took Him A Lot Of Time To Sleep After Kobe’s Death

“The objective of the documentary was to show the personal side and to be authentic. To be transparent with what was happening and unfortunately, this tragic accident took place and it was a very hard blow that is still being digested. We could not hide it, although for me it was hard. But Kobe had meant so much in my life that it was a way to convey those feelings in the most natural way possible. It took me a long time to sleep well, there were a lot of crying and a lot of pain,” Gasol told Marca.

Kobe and Pau battled together at STAPLES Center for seven years, winning a couple of NBA Championships in 3 trips to the NBA Finals. Moreover, he might as well be the teammate he grew to care about the most.

Gasol has grown even closer to the Bryant family since Kobe’s passing. His relationship was always bigger than basketball getting over such terrible news must’ve been hell for such a close friend like him.