The Brooklyn Nets managed to survive a rocky offseason, but they still weren't in the clear. Ben Simmons was a big question mark, Kevin Durant may still want to leave, and it was just a matter of time before Kyrie Irving did Kyrie Irving things.

Kyrie's irresponsible actions have once again driven him off the court. Nonetheless, his sanction has reached a point that seems a little more of a witch hunt than an actual way of holding him accountable.

Whatever the case, the fact that Kyrie isn't even playing has only made a tough season even more complicated. And according to Shams Charania, it may have even cost them a chance to sign Ime Udoka, Kevin Durant's preferred choice as coach.

NBA News: Kyrie Irving's Uncertainty Kept The Nets Away From Ime Udoka

“There is an uncertainty as to whether and when he’ll come back and I think that has created some short and long-term question marks around their ability," Charania said. “And so, if you’re looking at Ime Udoka, the win-now coach, if Kyrie Irving had been playing last week and everything was 100% fine and A-Okay with Kyrie Irving, you’re seeing Ime Udoka likely sliding in there, pretty quickly as head coach. But the fact that there’s a lot of uncertainty right now on Kyrie Irving."


Charles Barkley Says They're Not Even Close To Being Contenders

The Nets just couldn't handle two PR disasters at the same time, which is why they didn't pursue Udoka, and the worst part is that it's always been like that with this core. They've made more headlines than wins, which is why Charles Barkley urged them to just pull the plug already:

"This team's been together for four years. When they went there four years ago, we were like 'They're going to win a couple championships.' They ain't even close," Chuck said on Inside the NBA. "When you have a good team, you have to take advantage of it. This is a wasted four years for these guys."

The Nets swung for the fences and missed. Sometimes, it goes way beyond just stacking up talent. Their huge egos, flawed characters, and lack of accountability dug them into a hole they may never get out of.