Russell Westbrook is one of the most talented and athletic players in the history of the NBA. He can do it all - but shoot - on the hardwood and has already written his name in the history books by averaging a triple-double multiple times. That's why he's not worried about LeBron James or the Los Angeles Lakers ahead of their playoff meeting.

Westbrook has made a name for himself for being the most confident guy you'll know. That's his blessing and his curse, as that mentality has made him a fearless competitor who's willing to put his body on the line on every single possession but that has also made him commit avoidable mistakes in the clutch over and over.

Then again, the Houston Rockets will only go as far as Westbrook and James Harden can take them. They enter the Western Conference Semifinals as big underdogs, yet the Brodie doesn't seem to care at all. 

Russell Westbrook Plays Down The Lakers Ahead Of Playoff Matchup

So, when asked about his biggest concern about the Los Angeles Lakers ahead of their Western Conference Semifinals matchup, the All-Star point guard replied in the most Russell Westbrook fashion by stating that he never worries about the other team, regardless of who they are.

"Actually, I never worry about the other team man, I think that when we play the way we need to play it's tough to beat us. So our job now is to focus on what we can adjust moving to that series," the former NBA Scoring Champion and MVP claimed.

Westbrook was clearly rusty during his first couple of games vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder after missing some time with a calf injury but he looked like his usual self in Game 7. However, he must take better care of the ball vs. the Lakers' great perimeter defense.