Some Los Angeles Lakers fans never truly embraced LeBron James. They felt like rooting for The King was like betraying their allegiance to Kobe Bryant, even though they were never actually rivals.

Diehard Kobe fans wouldn’t give James his flowers, and some even vandalized his murals when he first arrived in Southern California. And while that’s no longer the case for the most part, some will never change his mind.

That’s why a little portion of Lakers fans might not be thrilled to know that Austin Reaves has changed his mind, stating that he considered LeBron to be the greatest player in NBA history.

Austin Reaves Makes GOAT Case For LeBron James

“I would start off by saying in my personal opinion, even being a Kobe guy, he is the greatest player to ever play,” Reaves said. “How good he is at all facets of the game. I don’t think anybody’s been that good at everything… Not even basketball-wise.”

“I can pick up the phone and call him whenever… so that’s super cool… On the court, that’s really where it all started,” added Reaves. “We connected early on an IQ level, just playing the game the right way.”

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and James has more than enough going on to be considered the best ever. But fans are often irrational, and some may not like this at all.