All of the blue, the Golden State Warriors rapidly rose to become the most dominant team in the NBA. After years of struggles, recently appointed coach Steve Kerled the team to the championship in 2015 and it was just the beginning of the magic.

But, after two years of not even making the playoffs and given Klay Thompson's injuries, a lot of people have said that the Warriors dynasty is over. They had a nice run, made it to the NBA Finals 5 years in a row, but they're no longer the team to beat.

That's why 2x MVP Stephen Curry made the most of the chance to remind people that they haven't gone anywhere and that, even though they've struggled over the past couple of seasons, their championship DNA remains intact.

Stephen Curry Warns The NBA On The Return Of The Dynasty

“With the two guys we drafted and, hopefully getting Klay back as soon as possible,” Curry said during the Warriors' Summer League game. “We have full confidence we are still that team. We obviously have to go out and prove it, but that’s kind of the vibe right now and we’re just trying to stay patient with it.”

Truth be told, the Warriors aren't getting any younger and Klay Thompson's injury will raise some doubts regarding their chances of winning a ring. Then again, a Big 3 of the Splash Brothers and Draymond Green is just a scary thought for the rest of the league, as they already know what they're capable of.

Add Andrew Wiggins to the mix plus the up-and-coming James Wiseman and Jordan Poole, and the Warriors have enough depth to at least be a playoff lock next season, especially if first-round pick Jonathan Kuminga continues to prove that he's NBA-ready out of the gate.

Perhaps it's a long shot but the Warriors' core that won 3 rings in 5 years is nearly intact. Whether they still have something left in the tank is yet to be seen, but we wouldn't put our money against them.