A couple of days ago, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr was in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, as it seemed like he had taken a shot at Kevin Durant by saying that his final season with the team wasn't enjoyable.

Allegedly, Kerr said that last year, when they didn't even make the playoffs, was better than Durant's final year in the Bay when they made the NBA Finals. KD, faithful to his nature, fired back at Kerr because he just can't stand when people aren't showering him in praise.

That's why the Warriors' coach went on the record to completely deny that report and say that his words were taken out of context, going as far as to say that those actions were irresponsible and damaging.

Steve Kerr Puts The Media On Blast Over Alleged Shot At Kevin Durant

(Transcript via The Athletic)

“That is the furthest thing from the truth. It was a terribly unfair shot. Completely taking something out of context to the point where people are going to read it and think that that was my quote. … But to take that comment and put it into a tweet and send it out to the universe was so irresponsible and damaging. And I’m angry.

It’s ridiculous. You guys know this. We are so thankful for everything that’s happened over the years here. Throughout our run we’ve had so many great moments, great players and Kevin is celebrated here. You guys all know that. He had an amazing run. We absolutely wish him well. We’ve done that from the start and that’s why I’m so angry about this because this is complete BS.”

That wouldn't be the first time that the media twists the words just to create a story. Then again, Durant should've also known better to just fuel the fire on social media rather than addressing his former coach privately. But hey, that's just the good-old KD.