The reigning NBA champions made a huge statement. The Milwaukee Bucks demolished the Golden State Warriors and handed them their biggest deficit since the franchise moved to California, leading them 77-38 at the half.

Steve Kerr's team managed to trim that deficit a little in the second half but they could never get back into the game. That's becoming a bit of a worrying trend as the Warriors have looked quite beatable over the past week or so.

Even so, the coach isn't worried about his team's recent slump, as it was just bound to happen at some point. Also, Klay Thompson's return will certainly give the team a much-needed boost for the second half of the season.

Steve Kerr Isn't Concerned About The Warriors

“To be honest, I’m not that concerned,” Kerr told the media after the game. “I know we just got our butt’s kicked, but we’re just in a rough patch in our season. It happens to every team, every year pretty much with very few exceptions and we’re in a little bit of a rut. We played a team that was ready and played a great, great first half. We’re a little out of sorts and we just got to get back on track.”

Stephen Curry Says The Warriors Need To Make Adjustments

Stephen Curry isn't too concerned about the recent losses either, adding that the team always knew that they were going to have to make adjustments once Thompson was ready to play again:

“We always talk about breaking this into three seasons," Curry told ClutchPoints. "Getting off to a good start, and waiting for Klay and Wise to get back. In this period we’re in right now, we have to make those adjustments, and continue to try to get better… Then make a playoff push."

Bill Simmons Says Curry Isn't The MVP Anymore

Curry has been ice cold since the start of 2022 after going nuclear in the first couple of months of the season. Now, NBA analyst Bill Simmons thinks he's lost the lead in the MVP race:

“Steph won the first half narrative MVP, but it’s a long season, and people get bored with narratives and they make new narratives. We’ve seen it over and over again," said the analyst, per Fadeaway World.

The Warriors continue to have the best record in the West and the entire NBA but their rivals are closing in on them. Now, they need to make adjustments to try and hold on to their status of the best team in the league.