Countless intangibles can work in your favor or completely sink you when you're a professional athlete, and NBA players aren't exempt from that rule. Sometimes, the best players in the league aren't on top of the league just because of their skills.

Sports psychologists have studied variables such as motivation, happiness, and team chemistry when assessing players. According to recent studies, those factors could be as important - if not more - as athletic training.

And, if you were to ask Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, that's one of the reasons why two-time MVP Stephen Curry has been able to be such an impactful and successful player throughout the years.

Warriors News: Steve Kerr Says Steph Curry Is So Good Because He Loves His Life

(Transcript via NBC Sports)

“They are directly related, there’s no question. I’ve long felt that’s one of Steph [Curry’s] secrets to his success, he loves his life. He loves his family, he loves his hobbies, his daily existence on the Earth, he just enjoys it so much. He’s got so much going for him that it makes everything smoother and more fun for him on the court. I think that’s true for everybody. If you can get things in order and you’re in a comfortable place, you’re going to have more success."

Kerr also said that Damion Lee, who also happens to be Steph's brother-in-law, has also experienced first-hand how being happy and satisfied with your life and have a positive impact on your game:

“He and Sydel, his wife, are having a baby, too," the coach said. "There’s just a lot of great things going on in Damion’s life. He’s just right at that sweet spot where he’s ready to help (I think) a good team win a lot of games. You saw that last night, and you saw that in all four of these wins that we’ve had to start the year."


The Warriors have been one of the best and most balanced teams of the young season. They're having fun out there. Maybe, that's what it's all about, so they better keep Steph happy if they want to win the whole thing.