The recent Golden State Warriors' success cannot be tell without Steve Kerr. The former NBA player brought in his winner mentality to the San Francisco franchise along with his expertise in player development. The best example is this huge project with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Although Kerr most remembered shot as a player was his championship three-point winner with the Chicago Bulls, his success comes along with hard work that clearly is shown in the numbers. For example, Steve Kerr is the only player to win four straight NBA championships after 1969, also he has the highest three-point percentage with 45% in NBA history and those are just as player.

As head coach, in his first season Kerr set a new winning record of 19 wins and 2 losses for a rookie head coach in the NBA. In his third season, the Warriors broke the Chicago Bulls' record of 72 wins in a single NBA season with 73 wins. In addition, in the NBA Playoffs, his newly championship made him climbed to a new position among the best head coaches ever.

How many rings does Steve Kerr have won?

Under Steve Kerr's management, the Warriors went on to their most successful period ever. The Warriors has played 6 NBA Finals in their last 8 seasons. Since the very beginning the winner mentality was on. For example, in the 2015 NBA Finals, the Warriors won the title to the Cleveland Cavaliers. This gave Steve Kerr his first NBA Ring in his first year.

Afterwards, in the 2017 NBA Finals, the Warriors beat again the Cleveland Cavaliers to bring the second ring to Kerr's hand. The Dubs did the same things for the title repeat in the 2018 NBA Finals to the same rival. So, Kerr went behind Gregg Popovich in NBA titles as head coach with 3 Rings.

His last ring was against the Boston Celtics, where the Dubs ended up on top with a 4-2 game series win at Boston. With this win, Steve Kerr's legacy as a player is really close to his coaching legacy. He has won 5 rings as player, so he is down by one. It may be next season, who knows.