We can't remember the last time Kyrie Irving made the news for basketball-related topics. Often deemed the most controversial star in the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets guard is once again walking on thin ice.

Irving doesn't mind forfeiting half of his paycheck and missing at least 41 games with the Brooklyn Nets. He refuses to get the COVID-19 vaccine as he believes it's all a part of a plot to link black people to Satan. 

That conspiracy theory-driven decision will obviously take a toll on the team's chances to win an NBA championship. At some point, it seems like the team will have to make a decision regarding this situation.

Nets Still Don't Know What Will Happen With Kyrie Irving

"The Brooklyn Nets remain unclear on All-Star guard Kyrie Irving’s ultimate intentions to get vaccinated and have made no decision on whether the organization will accommodate him as a part-time player this season," reported ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

"There had been previous optimism Irving would get vaccinated and fulfill local mandates, but that hope is waning and Irving’s continued resistance to vaccination has Nets preparing for possibility they’ll be without him for home practices and games for foreseeable future," he added.

Steve Nash Says They Won't Change Their Plans Because Of Kyrie

According to coach Steve Nash, the Nets fully support Irving as a person. Nonetheless, they don't intend to move their training camp away from New York to allow him to practice. They won't change their plans for anyone, Kyrie included:

"No, this is our home, this is where we’re going to practice and we have almost a whole group,” Nash told ESPN. “So that’s a positive, and we’re just working at getting better every day and focusing on the things we can control.”

"I'm not really worried about anything," Nash added. "We're just trying to work every day. We came in today and had a great practice and we'll do the same tomorrow, and that's kind of where I leave it. No further update. We support him. We are here for him. Things change. When there's a resolution, we're here for him."

Once again, Kyrie's own agenda hurts his team. He's failed to show any sign of commitment towards the Nets or even basketball as a whole, so we'll have to wait and see how this never-ending soap opera unfolds, and what will he do next to try and skip work or make the headlines.