The NBA has four teams left with the opportunity to become champions. Those remaining franchises are the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers in the West, while the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat wait in the East.

This year there were plenty of surprises during the 2023 NBA Playoffs. In the Western Conference it isn’t shocking to see the Nikola Jokic-led Nuggets in the final because they are the N° 1 seed. However, the Lakers had an impressive growth guided by LeBron James that helped them erase a rocky start of the season.

In the Eastern Conference the logic appearance are the Celtics. They lost to the Golden State Warriors in the 2022 NBA Finals, but their continuity helped them get far into the draw again. Although the Heat being in contention is somewhat of an unexpected thing because they were the 8th seed. Two of these four teams will be star in the next round.

When are the NBA Finals 2023?

The schedule for the definitive series is already set. Regardless of when each Conference Final ends, these will be the key dates to write down for the next few weeks. The NBA Finals 2023 will start on Thursday, June 1. Teams will be playing every three days except between games 3 and 4, where they’ll have two days of rest. Also, the projected game 7 is set for Sunday, June 18.

2023 NBA Finals schedule

Game 1: Thursday, June 1 – 8:30 PM (ET) in Denver
Game 2: Sunday, June 4 – 8 PM (ET) in Denver
Game 3: Wednesday, June 7 – 8:30 PM (ET) in Miami
Game 4: Friday, June 9 – 8:30 PM (ET) in Miami
Game 5: Monday, June 12 – 8:30 PM (ET) in Denver*
Game 6: Thursday, June 15 – 8:30 PM (ET) in Miami*
Game 7: Sunday, June 18 – 8 PM (ET) in Denver*
*If necessary