It seems like the New York Giants just can't catch a break, not even when they face a team that's struggling as much as them, if not worst. Once again, their inability to close out games was in full display, this time vs. the Philadelphia Eagles for Thursday Night Football.

Sophomore quarterback Daniel Jones had a somewhat solid game and even put his team in a position to win, but Evan Engram dropped an easy pass that would have sealed the victory for them. Then, the defense couldn't stop Carson Wentz and the Giants lost 22-21 on the road.

But even if Engram should be the one to blame for the loss, everybody will talk about Daniel Jones' incredible blooper in the middle of the third quarter when he almost had the quarterback run of the NFL season.

Jones broke out for an 80-yard scramble from his own 12th yard on 1st and 10. He was off to the races without a rival in near sight but somehow tripped and fell at the 8-yard mark instead of scoring what should have been the easiest touchdown of the day.

The Giants scored a couple of plays later anyway and were up 14-10 late in the third. Jones still made a hell of a play, but the internet was never going to let that one... slip, if you will. Check out the funniest memes and reactions here.

Funniest Memes And Reactions From Daniel Jones' Epic Blooper


Jones finished his night with 20 completions on 30 attempts, 187 yards, 2 touchdowns, and one pick, adding 4 rushes for 92 yards and a fumble lost; and while he hasn't been exactly impressive through the first seven weeks of the season, he's clearly gotten a lot better from his rookie year. Hopefully, he'll be able to stay in two feet next time he's got that much room to run.