Tom Brady and Joe Montana are two of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, but it seems like the first one doesn't really see a competition on the San Francisco 49ers legend. Julian Edelman has now revealed who is Brady's biggest sports rival with a shocking name involved.

Julian Edelman was one of the best teammates for Tom Brady during his time with the New England Patriots. The wide receiver was the team's hero in the Super Bowl LI for an incredible comeback to defeat the Atlanta Falcons.

The quarterback had to leave the Patriots after the 2019 season, but Edelman can't forget what they lived together and now he has revealed a deep conversation they had on who's Brady's biggest sports rival.

Not Joe Montana: Julian Edelman reveals who is Tom Brady's biggest sports rival

Throughout history, the NFL has had tons of great players, but definitely Joe Montana and Tom Brady are part of an elite group as both quarterbacks have won multiple Super Bowls in their careers.

But it seems like Tom Brady didn't see Joe Montana as his biggest competitor. Julian Edelman, his former teammate, has now revealed who was Brady's biggest sports threat and it is not even a NFL player.

"Me and Brady were training in LA at his gym and he has the location on where the Super Bowl XLIX is on his whiteboard," Edelman recalls in an interview with Games with Names. "And I'm like 'what is that?' and he says 'that's where we're going to go play the last game'. I go 'I'm going to get you to pass Joe [Montana]', you know, because of his 4 Super Bowls.

"He looks at me with like that golden stare with those sizzling steel blue eyes and says 'I am not going for Montana, I'm going for [Michael] Jordan'"

Brady did play the Super Bowl XLIX and defeated the Seahawks to win his fourth ring and tie Montana. Then, he won another three Vince Lombardi trophies to pass Michael Jordan, a six-time NBA champion.

GOAT mentality right here.