Not many quarterback prospects have been as polarizing as Anthony Richardson. Some compare him to Michael Vick or Cam Newton, while others think he'll have a hard time making an impact in the NFL.

The University of Florida standout showcases remarkable athleticism, speed, mobility, and arm strength. But his decision-making and football IQ don't seem as good as his God-given traits.

Even so, Richardson is projected to be a top-10 pick in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. And with multiple teams looking to land a quarterback, let's take a look at the top three likeliest destinations for him.

NFL Draft 2023: Potential Teams For Anthony Richardson

3. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions seem comfortable with Jared Goff, at least for the time being. They almost made the playoffs with Goff under center, and he had a much better season in his first year away from Los Angeles.

Richardson might be quite raw, so he could benefit from a couple of years on the sidelines, learning the ropes of the game. The Lions have the sixth-overall pick, though, so they could try and go with a bigger need instead.

2. Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts currently hold the rights to the fourth-overall pick. And while some think they'll revamp their defense with either Jalen Carter or Will Anderson Jr., they don't have a starting-caliber quarterback on their roster.

The Colts have been tied with a potential move for Lamar Jackson, who recently requested a trade away from the Baltimore Ravens. But it wouldn't be shocking to see them take a chance on a younger QB like Richardson.

1. Atlanta Falcons

And last but not least, we have the Atlanta Falcons as the most logical destination for Richardson. They have the eighth-overall pick, so it would mean that he fell right into their laps, with the Las Vegas Raiders also passing on him.

Desmond Ridder failed to impress in limited action, and he lacks the upside of a franchise QB, unlike Richardson. He might not be ready to take the reins of the offense right away, but they have little-to-nothing to lose by taking him.