Tom Brady's retirement caught the Tampa Bay Buccaneers off guard. Now, the NFC South team must hire a new quarterback and they have a 2-time Super Bowl champion as their main target in what could be a blockbuster move this offseason.

When Tom Brady arrived to Tampa Bay, he instantly changed the team for good. With an elite roster alongside him, the quarterback won his seventh Super Bowl ring, but retirement was very close for him.

After his first retirement didn't work, he decided to end his football career, this time 'for good', in 2023. He left the Buccaneers without quarterback, so now they are looking for his replacement in a 2-time Super Bowl champ.

Buccaneers want to replace Tom Brady with a 2-time Super Bowl champion

With Tom Brady out of the team, the Buccaneers must rebuild quickly. The legendary quarterback left a big space to fill, but Tampa Bay has someone in mind that could be a very solid replacement.

According to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, the Buccaneers are trying to "retool while still competing". For that reason, they want an expierenced quarterback and it seems like Jimmy Garoppolo is their main option.

The NFL Insider reported that the Buccaneers front office is working really hard to solve their salary cap problem. They currently are $55.7 million over it, with Brady's retirement costing them $35.1 million against the cap.

Jimmy Garoppolo is a pending free-agent and probably one of the most attractive quarterbacks for teams that are looking for an experienced player. But they must solve their salary cap problem if they want to add him for the 2023 season.