Davante Adams may be the best recruiter for the Las Vegas Raiders as of today. The wide receiver has now persuaded Aaron Rodgers, his former teammate at the Green Bay Packers, in order to join him in the AFC West squad.

It has been an absolut rollercoaster for the Raiders lately. They parted ways with Derek Carr after 9 years together. They were reportedly interested in Tom Brady, but with his retirement they had to look for other options.

That's where Aaron Rodgers enters the talk. The Packers want to trade him and it seems like Las Vegas may push for him, with a key piece in the roster like Davante Adams, his former teammate.

Davante Adams tries to recruit Aaron Rodgers for the Raiders

Will Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers meet again at Las Vegas in 2023? Well, the wide receiver really wants to play for another elite quarterback after Derek Carr's departure.

During the 2023 Pro Bowl games, the wide receiver sent a message to Aaron Rodgers, who has been linked with the AFC West team lately and he hasn't closed the door to a possible arrival for the next season.

"Duh," Adams told NFL Networkduring the Pro Bowl Games when asked if would want to recruit Rodgers for the Raiders. "Why would anybody not do that. I mean 100 percent, that's my guy. Wishful thinking, but we'll see what happens."

When asked about his recruiting pitch in order to persuade the quarterback, he was very clear: "That I'm here. I think that's a pretty good one."