One of the biggest and most common questions for the 2023 NFL season is regarding Tom Brady's future. Althrough some rumors put him in the Las Vegas Raiders or even the Green Bay Packers, a new and surprising dark horse has entered the race as a potential landing spot for the quarterback.

Tom Brady has a lot of work to do this offseason. Retirement is an option for the quarterback, but he could also return for his 24th NFL campaign and look for another Vince Lombardi trophy for his show case.

There are multiple teams that are looking for his services, but now a new one has entered the conversation. Raiders, Packers, Buccaneers and Patriots have a new competitor to sign Brady in 2023.

Tom Brady's new and surprising potential landing spot for 2023

All football fans are anxious to know what Tom Brady will do in 2023. Will the quarterback retire after 23 successful seasons or will he return for one last dance to fight for another Super Bowl ring?

Well, if he choses this last option, there's a new and surprising landing spot for him that may increase his odds of winning another title.

Rex Ryan, New York Jets former head coach, revealed there's a new potential landing spot for Brady in 2023. He thinks there's a chance for him to join the Washington Commanders if they sign Sean Payton as coach.

"This is gonna be a crazy one, but I’m telling ya, watch the Washington Commanders in this," Ryan said about the race to sign Brady. "Here’s why I say it could happen. There’s a strong possibility that there’s going to be a change in ownership and when that happens, these owners aren’t tied into that coach. And to me, I can see a Sean Payton, Tom Brady.

"We talk about Miami, well it wasn’t just Miami contacting Brady, it was Sean Payton, it was going to be that marriage of those two. So, I could possibly see that down the road if he doesn’t sign with the Raiders immediately. I could see this as a possibility."

The Commanders signed Carson Wentz as their veteran quarterback, but he hasn't lived up to the expectations due to his multiple injuries. As for the new ownership Ryan talks about, there's a chance that Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, buys the team and they could build the perfect squad for Brady, including Sean Payton, in order to convince the quarterback to join them in 2023.