The San Francisco 49ers closed out the season with a 12-0 winning streak. They had one of the most stacked rosters in the National Football League, and a strong chance to upset the league-best Philadelphia Eagles.

But no team can win without a starting-caliber quarterback; that's just a fact. That's why they were doomed as soon as QB3 Brock Purdy had to leave the field with an elbow injury. There wasn't a lot more they could've done right there.

That's why, looking back, NFL legend Tom Brady believes they never stood a chance to beat the Eagles. It was a bummer for Niners fans after such a great season, but that's just the way it goes in this sport.

NFL News: Tom Brady Says Niners Never Stood A Chance

“Injuries play a role in every game,” Brady said on his podcast, “and your margin of error changes quite a bit. Obviously San Fran had, you know, really no chance to compete yesterday. That was tough just to see that happen, but at the same time, it’s the reality of the sport. Philly deserved it. They had an incredible season. They played well on defense. They forced that pass and the injury to Brock [Purdy] there on his wrist or his elbow."

“It’s truly part of the sport. It’s a contact sport, and that’s why it’s a demolition derby," Brady added. "And that’s why, you know, all these games are somewhat unpredictable. You go to the Super Bowl, Patrick [Mahomes has] had a sprained ankle, Jalen [Hurts has] had a hurt shoulder. Anything can happen in the first quarter of the game, and of course it’s going to affect the outcome. So if you’re relegated to handing the ball off down 28 points or whatever it was there in the fourth quarter, there’s no chance of coming back at that point.”

The Niners will now have a full offseason to evaluate their QB situation, with even Tom Brady as a rumored target for the organization. At least, having three potential starters is the best problem any team could wish for.