Aaron Rodgers is known for being a successful investor, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, and perhaps one of the most outspoken figures around the league, for better or worse.

Given his recent history with his team, his vaccination fiasco, and the comments he's made on COVID-19 and research for alternative treatment, Rodgers has become a bit of a polarizing figure as of late.

That's why someone made the most of that to create a huge rumor about him, stating that he would boycott the Super Bowl to protest COVID-19 protocols, should the Green Bay Packers make it that far.

Aaron Rodgers Calls Out Boomer Esiason, Says He Won't Boycott The Super Bowl

That rumor came from a viral clip from Boomer Esiason's show on WEEI. Needless to say, Rodgers didn't hesitate to shut down that narrative right away on Twitter, sharing some blunt comments later on the Pat McAfee show:

“I just felt like it was time to end that,” Rodgers said. “Why would I play in, to the majority of people, a meaningless Week 18 game and then what I care about and train for in the offseason, and focus on during the season, and manifest thoughts to my teammates to have this on our mind. Winning a Super Bowl. You think I would do all that and play in a meaningless game to most people in Week 18 and then boycott the Super Bowl? You don’t know me.”

“It’s the dumbest f***ing thing,” Rodgers added. “It’s so dumb I wouldn’t even joke about it. That’s how dumb it is. Whether you’re ‘Porn Hub’ (Hub Arkush) or whoever this direct source is, you don’t know me, so stop talking as if you do know me or you have some sort of idea.”

Rodgers Says His Toe Is Nearly 100% Healthy

More importantly, it seems like the only thing holding him back this season will no longer be an issue. Rodgers opened up on his injured toe and claimed that he's near 100% healthy once and for all:

“That’s been the most encouraging thing. Got through last week without doing one,” Rodgers told the media. “It was just a pretty standard shot in the toe — very painful, but numbing agent. So that helped me get through the games. The whole goal was to be able to not have to do that and it’s been a few games now without doing that. So, I’m feeling good, practiced today. [I’m] close to 100 percent. I think I should be 100 percent probably by next week.”

The Packers will get some well-deserved rest this weekend after clinching the first seed in the NFC this season. They're the clear-cut favorite to take the Vince Lombardi trophy home, so this is great news for the Cheeseheads.