Even though he's the leading candidate to win NFL MVP again this season, Aaron Rodgers has made the news for everything but football in the past couple of months. First, it was his desire to leave the Green Bay Packers and then his vaccination saga.

Rodgers infamously claimed to be immunized against the coronavirus so people assumed he was fully vaccinated. Instead, he had pursuit an alternative treatment and broke NFL protocols by giving press conferences without wearing a mask.

The Packers legend didn't want to address the subject for the past month or so. But now that it seems like it's water under the bridge, he took some time to share his views on vaccination and alternative treatments once again.

NFL News: Aaron Rodgers Says People Should Question Science, Advocates For Alternative COVID-19 Treatment

“I think one of my issues, and I’ve brought this up so many times, one, they don’t talk about the fact that people are getting better using these things. That’s fine, you don’t want to talk about that,” Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee Show. “But how come in a league where we’re seeing with 51 guys on the list yesterday, there’s still zero conversation, at least publicly, around treatment options for people that test positive.”

“If science can’t be questioned, it’s not science anymore, it’s propaganda,” Rodgers added. "When did science become this blind agreement and then not having any debate over what can actually cure people and work for people? That doesn’t make sense to me.”

Rodgers Says He's Not Anti-Vaxx

Number 12 added that he's not an anti-vaxxer, nor he has any kind of issue with those  who choose to get the vaccine. Instead, he believes it's just a personal choice and people should respect that:

“At the core is I that I don’t have a problem if somebody’s vaccinated,” Rodgers explained. “It’s your body, your choice. You made a decision and you followed what was in your best interest. And I researched and I have other issues. Talking bout my allergies. … But I made a decision that was the best interest of my body. And that’s what it should be. There should be the freedome to choose what’s in your best interest. Not mandates sweeping that disregard that people have pre-existing conditions or compromised immune systems, auto-immune diseases, or allergies to ingredients in the vaccine. That puts you in a whole different category. And that should be okay."

“What I don’t understand is vaccinated people blaming unvaccinated people because the vaccine that they took to avoid getting the virus didn’t stop them from getting the virus," the Packers QB concluded.

At this point, everybody has their own opinion and no one's going to change another person's mind. But if you can't trust truly scientific findings because it hasn't been long enough for them to be accurate, how can you trust alternative treatments then? I guess we'll know next week.