The Green Bay Packers are coming off their second loss in three weeks weeks. They lost thanks to a game-winning field goal from the Minnesota Vikings even despite Aaron Rodgers' heroics in the second half.

The superstar quarterback was nowhere to be found at the end of the first half and raised several concerns about a potential injury. Then, he was able to come back but was seen limping every now and then.

Now, the reigning NFL MVP has admitted that he aggravated a toe injury and that's a little more painful than turf toe. Moreover, he thinks he's just not going to be 100% healthy again this season.

Packers News: Aaron Rodgers Says His Toe Injury Will Be A Season-Long Issue

"I'm just going to have to get to the bye and hope I can get some healing over the bye week," Rodgers said, as quoted by ESPN. "Probably the same schedule next week. Was in a lot of pain. Went in at halftime early to get it checked out. It's very, very painful. Got stepped on the first half, and that kind of activated all the symptoms I was having. It's going to be another painful week and next week, and then hopefully start to feel a little better on the bye."

Rodgers made the most of his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show to clear the air on that situation, doubling down on his take of this being an issue that's going to limit him for the next couple of weeks:

“I believe that I mentioned that it was more painful than turf toe, and I had turf toe two years ago,” Rodgers clarified. “The problem with turf toe is it’s that joint in your big toe, and it is very painful. So naturally, I’m leading people to understand that if it’s worse than turf toe, there must be some sort of bone issue. Again, it’s better the fifth toe than the first toe or even the second or the third or probably the fourth toe."

“I’ve already talked enough on this show about my medical status. I’ve given you enough information at this point. I have a toe injury that’s not going away, and I’m going to be dealing with it at least the next few weeks," he added.

Rodgers hasn't been able to practice for the past four weeks or so, either due to injury or because of his COVID-19 fiasco. That's going to be a concern for the Packers' offense going forward as the margin for error gets narrower towards the end of the season.