According to his attorney, the National Football League has yet to reach out to Deshaun Watson to interview him regarding the 22 civil lawsuits he's facing due to alleged sexual misconduct.

That has put the trade talks on hold right now. Watson wants to play for a new team but it seems like he's not even going to be able to pad up this season until this situation settles, which could take way more time than expected.

The Houston Texans added more quarterbacks to their roster via free agency and draft and it looks like they're just getting ready to be without their franchise player for the start of the 2021 season.

Tony Buzbee Releases Statement: There Will Be No Settlement

To make things even worse, it seems like this situation isn't going to go away any time soon, as opposing attorney Tony Buzbee just reaffirmed that there won't be a settlement and they want to fight this thing through:

(Statement via Click 2 Houston)

"In response to the many queries we’ve received about the Deshaun Watson case. I don’t respond to individual press calls because it’s easier for me to make one statement here. As I’ve said: There will not be a settlement, at least anytime soon. I have my best people on the case. That should tell you a lot about our intentions. Lawsuits are all about the work in the trenches.

My 17 lawyers, under my supervision, are doing the legal grunt work it takes to prepare the cases for trial and another win. I’ve been doing this for many years, and, as the Texas Bar knows, I have rarely lost. And, these are very important cases—these women matter!!—and our team is doing what it takes in discovery and prep to try these cases to a jury.

The press folks say we’ve gone “quiet,” but the truth is we made clear early on that we wouldn’t try these cases in the press and now are doing the important work required for our clients to try these cases to a jury. It’s a lot of work! I would also point out that on a daily basis our firm proudly handles cases for people who have lost loved ones, for people burned beyond recognition, for workers who have had their lives ruined, for people hurt, for people discriminated against, for people wronged, and for people defrauded. Our firm will keep doing that. Thanks for your interest! Stand by."

Deshaun Watson's situation is getting out of hand right now. If he's guilty, then by all means he should pay for his actions. If not, then this needs to stop right away. Whatever the case it is, we wouldn't draft him for our Fantasy Football team.